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24*7 active monitoring

We help organizations perform better by providing best in class Monitoring & Measuring for your APIs, API Gateway, API Management, and Event Streaming.

Stay focused on your core business and let us handle the rest. We will keep all of your APIs, Event Streams and related systems operational and secure 24*7.
Solving problems as they happen

Active Monitoring

Automated API monitoring and testing to ensure your APIs are always available. In case of any disruption, we will be the first to know – and the first to fix it.

You shouldn’t wait until your most important APIs suddenly go down to treat them with importance. You need to proactively mitigate disruptions across your entire API portfolio, before they happen.

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Fix issues before they are even noticed

Passive Monitoring

Know what’s happening with your API. Our powerful real-time monitoring service will show the full picture of your APIs’ performance, helping you optimise and avoid disruptions.
Analyse and get ahead of your application’s disaster. See in near real-time the status of API calls, preventing downtime and keep your customers satisfied — always.

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Creating insights


Your application logs generate valuable data about the status of your apps. Don’t let them go to waste! Application Logs let you pull this valuable data off of your API infrastructure in order to do trend analysis on the API level, but also on an individual call level.

Application logs give you actionable insight into the conditions of your applications. Whether they’re internal or external, app logs can guide you to inefficiencies and misconfigurations.

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24*7 Active monitoring

24*7 API security

24*7 Logging

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We give insights into your IT landscape

IT Operations is often overlooked but crucial to make your business a digital success. We’ll manage your entire landscape of APIs and Event Stream with high-quality solutions while providing your organization with valuable insights.

AppyRuns managed services for APIs, Event Streams, API Gateway, API Management, and Event Streaming Platform will save you time, money, and resources.

Take your IT Operations to the next level and start to experience the benefits from 24*7 active monitoring, 24*7 call dispatching, 24*7 API Security: fast, secure, efficient and affordable.

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