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In digital technology, nothing is certain — the challenge is keeping up with all of the moving pieces.
We will make sure that your data (APIs and Event Streams), and applications (API Management, Event Streaming Platform, API Security) are being monitored and well-kept 24*7.

24*7 Active monitoring

We continuously test the response times, availability and accessibility of your APIs and Event Streams. So, in case of any unforeseen disruptions, we get alerted right away. That allows us to not only detect but also fix disruptions before you or your customers even notice.

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  • Predict and prevent disruptions
  • Detect trend line deviations
  • Gain insight in your end user's experience
  • Optimize end user's experience
  • Suitable for cloud, on premise and hybrid API environments

Passive monitoring

By analyzing trends we get insights on the API call level. That provides a lot of valuable data, like the total number of calls, disapproved calls and response times. Using this data, we can prevent disruptions from happening at all.

With AppyRuns you are able to prevent disruptions, optimize your services, and establish even better results.

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  • Validate response data
  • Test API functionality
  • Assess API performance
  • Suitable for cloud, on-premise and hybrid API environments
Sharing knowledge


Your API Gateway / Management platform, and Event Streaming Platform generates very valuable data about the status of your applications. Don’t let that information go to waste!

Application logs enable you to obtain and collect that information. That allows you to do trend analysis on API level, but also on an individual call level. Use that information to your advantage, to improve and optimize your API operations.

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  • Get detailed insight in your APIs on an individual call level
  • Get a real-time bird's eye view of what's happening in your API environments
  • Shorten resolution times
  • Set up alerts for certain status codes
One API contact point

Service Desk

Our service desk is a central point of contact, that handles communication with our clients. It is fully at your disposal to help you out with any API related matter.

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  • Assistance and help in case of any API related incidents
  • Quick recovery of your API related services in case of any incidents
  • File service requests

API Security is a must

As data is your most critical asset and it moves towards the cloud, how do you avoid threat vectors on your applications and data?

As more of your data consumers and producers become digital workers, how do you ensure that your applications and data are secure?

Be open without being vulnerable: it’s time to secure your APIs from potential attacks with API Security.

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  • Discover your APIs and Event Streams before hackers do
  • OWASP & security analysis of APIs and Event Streams
  • Schema validation check of APIs and Event Streams
  • Suitable for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments

Together, we can accomplish big things.

That’s why we combined forces with some of the leading providers of API Management, Event Streaming Platforms, and API Security (also for event streams).

Together, we determine what fits your purpose the best and what matters the most to you. Active 24*7 monitoring of your APIs and Event Streams, with impeccable support and a leading customer experience.

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Google Cloud Platform Implementation
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SAP API Management Implementation


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Understand usage

Stop guessing how your data is being used. Understand exactly which applications and consumers are accessing your APIs and Event Streams.

Understanding who your consumers are is crucial for improving the developer experience and preventing misuse of your data.

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Improve Security

Bolster the security of each and every API / Event Stream that your customers depend on.

We have deep visibility into your data's health and security. Checks include the security of your data, performance metrics, and availability.

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Less downtime

We monitor your APIs and event streams 24/7 and alert you when anything is wrong so you can avoid downtime.

Without AppyRuns, you’re left to guess about your availability. With our monitoring services, we can predict and prevent downtime of your APIs and event streams.

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